Happy Birthday!

[AFK] scufmark posted Jan 31, 16

The Cossack Legion (as of yesterday) is officially two years old!

Two years ago, we formally seperated from our oppressors and formed our own union of peace and harmony. Over the past two years, we have fucked that peace and harmony, and still remained a group. We have grown and shrank and experienced many pains and gains together. With much hope, we can still continue to expand over the years!

corruptmagician we can still continue to e̶x̶p̶a̶n̶d̶ ravage each other over the years! FTFY

Happy New Year!

[AFK] scufmark posted Jan 2, 16

Another year for the world. Another year for the Cossack Legion. I'm pretty sure this marks year 3 since we seperated, but I could be wrong. Man how time flys.

Hopefully your celebrations went well and you've sobered up. Work and school will be starting back soon, and I'm sure no one is looking forward to that. Stryker and Scufmark will be available on teamspeak within the coming weeks, and hopefully we can do some more joint operations. Definitely need to get some more Espirite-de-corps going!

What did you get for the holidays!? Post below!

Scufmark got a nice gift from a Cossack Legion member (who's name isn't redacted for now) and a shit tonne of clothes (which he needed). I suppose the more enjoyable gift was being able to visit the brothers again.

Halo 5!

Aramai Leonardo posted Oct 26, 15

Halo 5 releases tonight! Here's a link to the Spartan company. Those of us that have xbox live accounts (Even if you don't have an xbox), I'd appreciate if you'd join the group to show your support. Also, we get req packs for being a large group. 

New Site Design

Aramai Leonardo posted Sep 15, 15

I'm working on a retrofit of the the site to closer match the aesthetic of our RSI page. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

[AFK] scufmark I like the new menu, except it's huge. I'm not exactly blind.
corruptmagician Needs more cowbell
[AFK] scufmark It doesn't match the blue RSI layout we have. So might have to adjust to that... Fix the menu while you're at...

Putting up Ark server

Stryker92 posted Aug 6, 15  -  Update

Been playing Ark and thinking about putting up a server for the group that will be open to others to join. Let me know what you think and also if you would like PvP or PvE and if you would want any setting set higher, like xp gain, taming or gathering. 

[AFK] Khrann I have a server up and running tho it's located in Germany since all the people on it atm are located in the EU. An...
Aramai Leonardo PVE for sure, at least until things are somewhat balanced. As far as settings go, the only thing I can think of is makin...

Stay inebriated sober my friends! Remember to never drink and drive or drive and drink, or drink then drive...

And rememeber: Who is indisputably the most important person in the Cossack Legion: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?

corruptmagician https://i.imgur.com/MrSeSL1.jpg
[AFK] Ciber https://i.imgur.com/sHhftlF.webm